THIS WEEK in Da Pulay Poray drama

Episodes 473-477  

Broadcast from June 8th-14th 2016

Ajab Gul’s irrational behaviour:

Ajab Gul is behaving increasingly irrationally. He has hidden his newborn girl-child from the polio vaccination team and has taken to locking his wife Shabana in the home, when he goes out to work in the morning. Kashmala has wet-nursed the little girl and is more and more worried about her well-being, considering Ajab Gul’s careless attitude. Her worries are compounded when she finds the door of their house locked from the outside. Have they left the village, and gone to live elsewhere?

Kashmala’s father Sardar Aka finds out that he has not left the village, but he locks his wife and baby daughter inside the house, when he goes out to work in the morning. He wishes to cut off all relations with the village, resentful at the pressure they put on him to have his daughter immunised against polio. He is not even letting his son go to the madrassah for his daily lessons. When Kashmala hears about this, she comes and converses with Shabana during the day, while Ajab Gul is out at work. (10 scenes)

Attempts to waylay the village shura:

Malik Ghani is doing all he can to exert influence in the village shura, while he and his main henchman Zafar Khan are trying their level best to siphon money from shura funds. In this regard, they are working through the treasurer of the shura, Matlab Shah, who tries all sorts of tricks to embezzle some funds . But the shura has put good systems in place to ensure that all shura funds are accounted for.

One of the tricks that Matlab Shah tries his hand at is to engage less labourers than budgeted for, but the head of the shura Mewa Gul gets wind of this and makes up the numbers by engaging a displaced person by the name of Gul Wali. This causes some tension between Matlab Shah and Mewa Gul. What business did you have to engage Gul Wali without consulting with me, Matlab Shah contests. Matlab Shah tries to stop Gul Wali from working. (10 scenes)

Charms, or prayers?

Bakhtawara tends to put a lot of faith in charms. In this regard, she is at odds with her daughter-in-law Zirka, who urges her mother-in-law to put her faith in Allah, and pray to Him alone. They have a mostly good-natured tussle between them on this issue, their common aim being to ensure that Zirka conceives. Their prayers seem to have been answered when Zirka starts showing signs of morning sickness. Bakhtawara becomes so happy that she takes all the housework on her own shoulders, insisting that Zirka takes a rest. This is quite unusual, since previously Bakhtawara used to get her daughter-in-law to do most of the housework. However, the cordial relations between the two sour when Bakhtawara gives the credit for Zirka conceiving to her charm-merchant and takes some token of thanks to him. Her son Taza Gul tries to explain to her that the charm-merchant has nothing to do with it – it was his work! – but to no avail. (10 scenes)

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