THIS WEEK in Da Pulay Poray drama:

Episodes 328­ – 332

Broadcast from November 8th – ­12th, 2015

While the village shura is giving priority to the humanitarian situation in Kandao village, Zafar Khan, in league with Matlab Shah and Engineer Sahib, is pressing for a development project – ­ a long­-muted dam – ­ to be constructed. Why are they so keen on this project?

Gul Bibi is still suffering from the broken arm that was inflicted on her by her husband Malik Ghani. Gul Bibi’s brother Mamoor Bedar wants to take his sister with him, so that she can receive treatment. The village jirga agrees with him. If Malik was going to treat Gul Bibi, then he would have done so by now! Gul Bibi leaves with her brother. At last her husband recognises her worth!

Taza Gul’s wedding preparations are in full flow, now that he has received the money through Mukhtar ­ for the land that he has sold in order to fund his wedding. Now the only thing that remains is for Taza Gul to build a room for his bride­-to­-be, Zarka. He does not want her to have to live in a tent!

Shabana is still at odds with her husband Ajab Gul about the birth of their daughter: Ajab Gul was hoping for another son. Ajab Gul is so put out that he does not allow any celebrations in his home and when health workers visit his house, to vaccinate against polio, he does not allow his daughter to be vaccinated.

Kashmala is busy building her new home, in which she plans to accommodate a girls’ school also. But what will Malik Ghani have to say on the matter?

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