THIS WEEK – in Da Pulay Poray drama

Episodes 693- 697

Broadcast between 30th of April 2017 and 4th of May

Zafar Khan has hit hard times:

Before his injury, at the hands of Matlab Shah, and the subsequent amputation of his leg, Zafar Khan was a feared person throughout the neighbourhood. Now that he has lost a leg, he is struggling to make ends meet. His wife Bas Pari managed to collect some contributions from women in Kashmala’s learning centre. Zafar Khan thinks that this charity will continue, but Kashmala – and especially Zarmina – have other ideas. Kashmala wants Bas Pari to learn embroidery, so that she can stand on her own two feet, rather than waiting for hand-outs. Kashmala’s sister, the more hot-headed Zarmina, has lost patience with Bas Pari, for begging in their women’s centre, and would like to chase her away, but Kashmala seems to have a soft spot for Bas Pari, and will have none of it.

Matlab Shah has got another bright idea, though one cannot blame Zafar Khan for being a bit wary of Matlab Shah’s bright ideas. He wants him to accompany him again to the provincial centre. What, for another spell of begging? To get Zafar Khan – a proclaimed offender – arrested by the authorities? Zafar Khan will have none of it. No, Matlab Shah has something else up his sleeve.

The fact of the matter is that Matlab Shah wants to register Zafar Khan as a handicapped person, who as such would be entitled to some assistance. ‘Go for it!’ Bas Pari is also in favour of the idea. ‌But like it or not, in order to register himself as a handicapped person, Zafar Khan is going to have to bite the bullet and travel to the provincial centre himself.

Abdul Raheem is having difficulty adjusting:

Abdul Raheem has returned with his parents to Kandao village. But Abdul Raheem, born and brought up in the country of refuge, is having difficulty adjusting. He is missing his friends and his education in the country of refuge. Things have been made worse by the difficulties his father has been having making a identity card for his son. Without an identity card – a tazkira – Abdul Raheem has no chance of being admitted to school. Waiting around, with nothing to do in Kandao village, has been a test of Abdul Raheem’s patience. And now, according to their neighbour Marjan, it seems that Abdul Raheem is keeping bad company.

The problem is, if Mullah Karim Khan says anything to Abdul Raheem, Abdul Raheem is only likely to become more disturbed and feel that he is already missing his friends in the place of refuge: now he is not allowed to make new friends in the home country! It is a big dilemma for Abdul Raheem’s parents. Their fears are borne out when Abdul Raheem’s mother finds a piece of hashish in the pocket of her son’s clothes, when she is washing his clothes. ‘Don’t tell Father!’ Abdul Raheem pleads with his Mother. ‘I promise I won’t do it again!’

Abdul Raheem’s mother does not share this incriminating evidence with the boy’s father, but she stresses to him the need to get Abdul Raheem’s work done quickly, so that he can continue his studies. The problem is, as listeners to Da Pulay Poray drama know, Abdul Raheem’s documents need to be attested by the Malik of his own village – Malik Bahadur. Malik Bahadur and Mulla Karim Khan have an old enmity – over land. Where can the two parties meet, which will be acceptable to both parties? They settle on the hujrah of Malik Ghani, as an appropriate place where both parties can meet, and complete the attestation of Abdul Raheem’s documents.

Look before you leap:

Farid is a fully qualified civil engineer, who up till now lived in Europe. He has returned to his native Kandao village, to play a part in local development. Now he has his chance, since work has started – under his leadership – on a small hydro-electric project in Kandao village. As is usual with development projects in Kandao village, there are lots of problems along the way. The latest problem to beset the project is the question of irrigation of farmers’ fields, while work is continuing on the channel that will propel the hydro-electric plant. This really was something that the village shura should have looked at prior to starting the project, and made special arrangements for. But they had a lot on their minds, what with the theft of power plant equipment.

So, for a change, Ajab Gul has a point when he stresses to Farid, and to the village shura, that they should have made some alternative arrangements for farmers, so that they would be able to irrigate their land while work was continuing on the hydro-electric plant. Okay, maybe he should not have taken the law into his own hands and irrigated his crop, in the process causing damage to the work done on the irrigation channel, but still, it is something the village shura really should have thought of in advance.

Nor can one really blame Mewa Gul for pouring scorn on Ajab Gul’s protests, that some way should be found for farmers to irrigate their crops, while work is being done on the channel for the hydro-electric plant. Okay, this time Ajab Gul has a point, but it is also true that Ajab Gul has a history of making trouble for trouble’s sake.

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