THIS WEEK – in Da Pulay Poray drama

Episodes 683-687

Broadcast from 16th of April to 20th of April


Refugees’ return to Afghanistan; Standing up for one’s legal rights:

Mullah Karim Khan needs to get his son Abdul Rahim’s papers attested, so that his son can continue his education, now that the whole family has returned to Afghanistan. They had spent a long time in the country of refuge, where Abdul Rahim was born. Mullah Karim Khan had hoped that the Malik of Kandao village, Malik Ghani, would attest his son’s papers, so that he can obtain the identity card necessary for continuation of his education. If Malik Ghani had done this, then there would have been no need for Mullah Karim Khan to resort to the Malik of his own village, with whom he has an age-old enmity over land. Now that Malik Ghani has refused to do this attestation, Mullah Karim Khan decides to pursue every legal channel to ensure that his son receives the identity card that is his right, as a citizen of Afghanistan. He decides to send a Jirga to his own village, to try and prevail on the Malik to perform his public duty, irrespective of their personal enmity. However, even the Jirga have a hard time convincing Malik Bahadur to do this. Realizing that he is not getting anywhere convincing Malik Bahadur to attest his son’s papers, Mullah Karim Khan makes a formal complaint to the provincial authorities.

Besides its other advantages, Kashmala’s women’s learning and activity centre is also a great place for gossip! It is in the learning centre that Malik Ghani’s wife Gul Bibi learns from Mullah Karim Khan’s wife about her husband writing a letter to the provincial authorities, complaining that neither Malik Ghani nor Malik Bahadur are attesting his son’s documents. When Malik Ghani hears this news from Gul Bibi, he becomes nervous and immediately phones Malik Bahadur, telling him they had better do Mullah Karim Khan’s work, otherwise they will both get into trouble with the provincial authorities.

Village development under the guidance of Farid:

Now that the electrical equipment, which was stolen by Ajab Gul, has been retrieved, Engineer Farid in collaboration with the village shura is ready to start construction work on the dam that will control the flow of water to the hydro-electric plant. Gul Wali agrees to do the work on the dam. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until the miller – Hasan Khan – comes to Gul Wali and tells him to stop work! Hasan Khan is worried. The flow of water to his water-mill is going to be interrupted. How will he pay the monthly rent that he has to pay for the mill, if there is no one using his mill? The matter is quickly settled. The village council agrees to waive the monthly rent on the water mill, for so long as the mill is out of action. That is all very well, but what will Hasan Khan do all this time? With the mill out of action, he won’t have any work. How will he feed his family? This matter is also quickly settled. For the time being, Hasan Khan will be in charge of looking after all the electrical equipment, which is stored in his water mill. For this, he will be paid a wage by the village council.

What next for Zafar Khan:

Following the amputation of his leg, and his desertion by his former gang members, Zafar Khan is at a loss as to what he is going to do next. He wants to chase Matlab Shah out of his hujra. At least then, he will not have to feed Matlab Shah as well as himself and his family. Zafar Khan’s wife Bas Pari is adamant that she is not going to feed Matlab Shah any more. The problem is: who else does he have apart from Matlab Shah? If Matlab Shah leaves him, he will be left entirely alone. He has no option but to go along with the schemes that Matlab Shah comes up with, for the survival of both of them. Matlab Shah’s latest scheme involves both of them going to the provincial centre. Zafar Khan is skeptical, but he has no option but to go along with

Kashmala and Zarmina are expanding their women’s learning and activity centre:

Kashmala has been given some part time work in the clinic. It was largely due to her efforts that the clinic reopened. Attendance at the learning and activity centre she has set up in her home is also on the up. Zarmina urges Kashmala that they should waste no time in expanding their women’s centre. For one, more and more women are attending. Furthermore, Zarmina is nervous of Kashmala’s generous nature. She already gave some of the wood that they have stored to Mullah Karim Khan, for him to construct a verandah. Who knows whom she will be handing wood out to next? Better they get moving themselves, and put the wood that they have to their own good use!

Some of the wood that Kashmala and Zarmina have stored was given to them, reluctantly, by Malik Ghani. Malik Ghani is livid when he hears that Kashmala gave some of the wood to Mullah Karim Khan! I gave you the wood for your own use, not for you to distribute among others! He makes an aborted and ill-advised effort to get the wood back. Zarmina gives him short shrift, but this confrontation only increases the urgency of them expanding their women’s centre.

Shabana is very keen that her husband Ajab Gul should work on the expansion of Kashmala’s home, to accommodate the increased number of women using the facility as a learning and activity centre. After all, recently Ajab Gul was disappointed not to be employed on the hydro-electric dam. Kashmala has no problem with this and eventually Ajab Gul also agrees to bury the hatchet and work for Kashmala.



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