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Post PACT Radio Pursuits

PACT Radio aims to train journalists to look at the live issues faced by people in the cross border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its success in doing so lies in the hard work and dedication of its staff members, who even after their time with PACT continue applying the skills which they have learnt.

Hazrat Bahar is one such staff member who has managed to successfully apply his experience with PACT Radio towards his own personal achievements and career development.

Hazrat was formerly the Programme Coordinator for PACT Radio in Afghanistan and was awarded a media scholarship to study abroad in Japan. He was one of over five hundred applicants for the scholarship and managed to secure a place, along with forty seven others, to study International Relations at the International University of Japan, located in Minami-Uonuma city in Japan.

His experience at PACT proved useful in his application, “The very first criteria for awarding this scholarship was to write a research plan which I would not have been able to write successfully, unless I worked and learnt at PACT,” says Hazrat.

PACT Radio trains journalists to focus on a traditional needs based approach, encouraging people to seek out solutions for the problems they face on an everyday basis. Such issues can often be overlooked in the border regions, with politically contentious issues gaining more media attention. “I think the so-called global or world dominating media has already faded out the real and original face or layout of what journalism really is and in many ways the global media really misuses Journalism. PACT Radio is unique, as it has learnt the reality behind journalism and tried to apply such an approach very wisely,” says Hazrat.

“I think the problem which PACT Radio is trying to address is a regional-oriented or Pashtoon-oriented problem. It might exist in some others parts of the world too, but is rare. I would add that the approach or the way that PACT is applying is unique.”

Hazrat continues to carry forward this approach in his professional and personal life stating, “Not only in the course of my scholarship, but also throughout my whole life, I will try to take such a peace-oriented, Islamic, rational and tradition based approach. PACT Radio not only helped me to win this scholarship, but it has already inspired me to work for the people, so I applied to become a lecturer in Shaikh Zayed University, in Afghanistan.”

Hazrat Bahar is currently following his pursuit of higher education, studying in Japan and remains keen to continue working in the region “I do plan to focus on regional problems through my journalistic activities and any other academic or social activities.” He also continues to follow PACT Radio’s work and suggests that for PACT Radio to grow further, “It will need time, financial support and patience.”

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