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PACT success stories

PACT journalism is about giving ordinary people a voice and, in doing so, helping them to find solutions to their own problems. Many of the problems in the cross-border region are intractable. However, it is possible to make things better, one small step at a time. Below are some examples of PACT success stories from DI Khan.

Hi, this is Assadullah Khan. I am 25 years old. I live in DI Khan, near Topan Wala bazaar. It was amazing to hear a PACT Radio report about the traffic signals not working in DI Khan. Two days after the report aired the signals had become functional. It’s all about PACT Radio. If you were not highlighting this problem then the signals would still be broken. Thank you PACT Radio.”

“I am Shoaib khan Marwat. I am 20 years old and a student at Tank Degree College. I am also a cricket player. For four to five years here in Darra Pezu [in Lakki Marwat district] the Army Ground was full of garbage, and gradually the heaps of garbage increased. This created problems for cricket players as well as for the people passing by, as this is the only playground in Darra Pezu. PACT Radio broadcast a report about this problem. After listening to the views that the players and presenter expressed in the programme we, the players and also the members of the Youth Welfare Society, became aware that it was our responsibility to clean the ground. After we started working on it many students and other people also helped us to remove the garbage. We are surprised that after taking the first step all the villagers now take an active part in the keeping the playground clean.”

”My name is Saif ur Rehman. I am the captain of Azad Football Club and I am very thankful to PACT Radio for motivating us to remove the garbage from the playing ground.”

”My name is Farman. I live in DI Khan. Nearly one year ago streetlights were erected on the main roads of DI Khan, such as Circular Road, Diyal Road, Bannu Road and Sheikh Yousaf Road. It was very good sign – a sign of progress. But the lights did not function properly. The work on these lights was very slow, always stopping and starting. But after a report aired by PACT Radio the work on this project not only started again but is being carried out quickly and properly. All people of DI Khan are thankful to PACT Radio for helping us to solve these problems.”

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