Saturday , October 23 2021
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PACT launches Borderline magazine

This week sees the launch of PACT’s new weekly magazine Borderline.

The magazine, printed in Pashto, will be distributed throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is PACT’s first move into print and represents an important expansion of its unique solutions-oriented brand of journalism.

Topics covered in the first issue include: women’s feelings expressed in Tappa (Pashto blues music), tourism in South Waziristan, the peace jirga in Kandahar, the effect of plastic bags on the environment and polio in the cross-border region.

Borderline is edited by Naveed Yousafzai, Deputy Head of PACT Radio.

With the assistance of Dr Israr Atal, Shan Muhammad, Ibad ullah Sadiq and Sajid Takar, stories from PACT’s zonal offices throughout the Pak-Afghan border region will be commissioned and collated for each issue – providing a wealth of diverse, unique content.

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