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[:en]Students and PACT staff outside the training centre in Lakki Marwat[:]

Madrassah training centre launched

PACT Radio has launched a Madrassah Media Training Centre in Lakki Marwat, a district of Khyber Pukhtunkhwah Province.

Students from both madrassah and state-run schools, from areas including Lakki Marwat, Bannu and DI Khan, took part in the five-day course entitled “Radio for Peace Building”.

The course was held in Sarai-e-Gambila village in Markaz-e-Islami Sardar Abad madrassah. Zabihullah Gandapur, PACT programme producer and zonal coordinator, spoke to some of the students about the training:

“I have attended classes in broadcast journalism at Gomal University and am a presenter for Campus Radio,” says Muhammad Fahim, “but I did not learn as much there as I did in this training course. Here I learned how to produce programmes and reports that contribute to the peace process.”

“I learnt interview techniques and editing skills,” says Abdul Ghafoor from Lakki Marwat, “but the most important added ingredient I discovered was to focus on the solution. What should we do about the problem? The PACT approach is solutions-oriented. I agree with this style of journalism and feel that I must help my community by producing programmes that focus on solutions, not just problems.”

“There is nowhere in Sarai-e-Gambela, or even Lakki Marwat city, where we can receive this kind of journalism training,” says Asad Ullah. “The training has really provided a great opportunity for me and for my village. Our reports will give a voice to voiceless people and highlight problems in the community, and possible solutions.”

“I would like to thank PACT Radio for giving this opportunity to our community and for visiting our area,” says Noor Muhammad. “I learnt about the ethics of reporting and how journalism can contribute to peace in the cross-border areas. I will try to contribute reports to PACT Radio.”

“I learned a lot about practical journalism in this course,” says Ifrahim from Bannu. “Theory is different from practice and in our university we do not do much practical work. Most of the time the media broadcasts the views and opinions of the authorities, not the voice of the general public. PACT taught me how journalism can be used for peace building.”

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