Episodes 373­ – 377

Episodes 373­ – 377

Broadcast from January 10th­ – 14th 2016

Mukhtar has been elected to head the village shura or council, but how will he find time to fulfil this responsibility? Mukhtar’s elder brother Sardar Aka is also displeased that Mukhtar has taken over the shura without so much as consulting him. Furthermore, the elections were conducted in such a hurried manner, without any campaign, and without any involvement of women in the electorate. A decision is taken to hold fresh elections.

Nawab has been spreading malicious rumours, to try and get Kashmala’s learning centre closed, but to no avail.

Bakhtawara is still not letting her daughter-in-law Zirka be: if Zirka does something in the kitchen, Bakhtawara tells her she is not doing it right and tells her that in future Zirka should not come into the kitchen. Then she complains that Zirka is leaving all the kitchen work to her. When Bakhtawara’s husband Mewa Gul takes Zirka’s side Bakhtawara decides to go to her brother’s house.

In order to try and ensure that Bakhtawara learns her lesson, and treats her daughter-in-law in a more considerate fashion, Taza Gul and Mewa Gul prevail on Zirka to go to her parents’ house for a while. Maybe that way, Bakhtawara will learn to appreciate Zirka’s worth!

The wife of Malik Ghani, Gul Bibi, had been taken away by her brother for treatment, following her beating and the breaking of her arm at the hands of her husband. Malik Ghani’s son Yasir, who has been suffering without his mother – as indeed has Malik Ghani – goes to fetch Gul Bibi, who returns to her own home. Malik Ghani is angry that Yasir has given assurances to his maternal uncle Mamur Bedar of Gul Bibi’s good treatment at the hands of her husband. Who are you to give assurances on my behalf, storms Malik Ghani. Gul Bibi is more determined than ever to extend her support to Kashmala’s learning centre, the cause of her falling foul of her husband in the first place.

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