Episodes 333­ – 337

Broadcast from November 15th­ – 19th, 2015

Episodes 333­ – 337

Mamur Bedar has taken his sister, Malik Ghani’s wife Gul Bibi, to the provincial centre for treatment, following the breaking of her arm in a beating by her husband. Malik and his son Bedar are left to fend for themselves, as far as housework is concerned. This causes calamity after calamity for the Malik and his son, on the home front. Yasir wants to go and try to bring his sister to look after them, but will her in­laws allow her to come?

Preparations for the marriage of Taza Gul and Zarka are continuing apace. The room that has been constructed for the new couple is nearing completion. However, being a religious scholar, Taza Gul is uncomfortable with the expenditure that the bride’s family wish him to incur on the wedding. He considers this to be tantamount to extravagance. Furthermore, he wishes to give a generous dowry to Zarka, and the more he wastes on the wedding celebrations, the less he will have to give to her.

A polio vaccination team is in the village and lots of infants and toddlers have been vaccinated against polio, but not the daughter of Ajab Gul, who is still smarting from the fact that his wife gave birth to a daughter as opposed to a son. He stopped her from getting vaccinated, citing certain points of negative propaganda about polio vaccination. Sardar Aka refutes this propaganda and tries to persuade Ajab Gul to have his baby daughter vaccinated.

While the village shura are emphasising the urgency of the humanitarian situation in the village, with the displaced people at the mercy of the elements, with the fast approach of winter, Matlab Shah and Zafar Khan are doing a deal with Engineer in the provincial centre, for the bogus implementation of a development project ­ the construction of a dam ­ for which they anticipate receiving lucrative contracts.

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