Saturday , October 23 2021
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Nadia has a good solution: you already have my jewellery in your home. Give it to Salgay, so that we can get the matter of Jafar’s marriage sorted #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Malik Ghani is unsatisfied with the role of Matlab Shah vis-a-vis the village #Shura. Meanwhile, Zarmina informs the women of #MangeezCentre that the Shura will fix clean water pipes at some points of the village, from which women can take clean water to their homes #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater. Shireena is now behaving better with Bakhmala, helping her in the household chores #RequitingBadWithGood seems to have worked #IdfaBillatiAhsan #AntidoteForSnakeUpTheSleeve.





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