Saturday , October 23 2021
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Jabir khan has launched a claim over Nadia, that she has been given by her father in marriage to Sikandar – one of the gunmen. Bas Pari is shocked but she does the right thing and shares the unpleasant news with Razia, who came to her home to specify the date and conditions of Nadia and Abdul Rahims’ marriage #CauselessClaimsIsNotFair. Jafar stopped working when he started taking heroin, now he is working so maybe – just maybe – he will stop taking heroin. It was a good and brave move on Hasan Khan’s part to offer him work in the village water-mill. #EvenHeroinAddictionCanBeBeaten. A good idea from Shabana also, to keep Ajab Gul busy in Mangeez work, so that Shabana can implement some #SpaceBetweenBirths UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association




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