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Episode 233

Episode 233

Date of broadcast: 21 June 2015

1. (Mewa Gul’s house) Mewa Gul and Marjan are reading a letter from the kidnappers, asking for a ransom. They discuss what to do, and come to the conclusion that they have to share this matter with Sardar Aka, and the local shura.

2. (Ajab Gul’s house) Kashmala goes to Ajab Gul’s house, in the hope that Ajab Gul will give testimony against her own maternal uncle ­ the Malik. After all, he had heard the Malik threatening her deceased husband Mustafa. Ajab Gul is not willing to do this, he is nervous of the consequences he might have to face from the Malik.

3. (Mewa Gul’s house) Taza Gul comes home in a state of distress. His mother asks him what’s the matter. It’s the Malik, Taza Gul explains, he is not even interested in returning our land to us. He was very off hand. Instead of three thousand, he is demanding three lacs in return for our land. Bakhtawara tells him to give up, he is not going to get the land back. Taza Gul will have none of it, I am determined to reach my goal, and to wrest the land back from the Malik, he says. Well, you had better go and see Sardar Aka then, he is an elder person in the village, maybe he will be able to sort something out. Taza Gul agrees with his Mum, that this would be a good course of action.

4. (Malik Ghani’s house) Gul Bibi is saying to Malik about how Kashmala was convinced that you had killed Mustafa, and she was holding up Ajab Gul as a witness that you had threatened him. This angers Malik. How dare Ajab Gul bear witness against me, in a murder case as this.

5. (Zafar Khan’s abode) Zafar Khan is doing some calculation when his wife comes in and asks what he is calculating. Zafar Khan tells her that one million Afghanis is coming his way. And where did that come from, she wonders. Zafar Khan tells her off, reminding her to mind what she says, if anyone else hears about it, he will hold her to blame.

6. (Malik Ghani Khan’s hujrah) Matlab Shah notices that Malik Ghani Khan seems to be in a bad mood. It turns out that the cause of his bad mood is his recent conversation with Taza Gul. According to the Malik, the reason that Taza Gul is so sure of himself is he thinks he has a document to prove his ownership of the land that he is demanding from the Malik. We have to do something about this upstart, the Malik says ­ he is turning into a proper nuisance. And will there be a reward for me, if I see to him, Matlab Shah asks. There will be lots of rewards, the Malik says, just make sure you don’t bring me into it.

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