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Episode# 1331st

[:en]A villager has a complaint: Farid did not pursue the development activities he promised at the time of the elections. Instead, he is embroiled in village politics. Farid assures him that he has not forgotten, and that a water canal will soon be built in the village #PeaceforDevelopment. If Shura and #PeaceCommittee do not release Abdul Rahim from the arms of gunmen, then I know a way to do it, Malik Bahadar says. What can that method be? Meanwhile; Sikandar wants Abdur Rahim to get divorced from Nadia, so he can marry her. You can imagine Abdur Rahim’s outraged reaction #IllegalDemining. Ghag – a way of #ForcedMarriage – is not allowed in Islam, so Parkha can marry someone else besides than Zarawar Khan, Taza Gul says. What about Parkha and Abid? They seem like they can be a good couple.

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