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Episode# 1328th

Why are you against my mother living among us? Abrar complains to Zarmina, Zarmina does not want to hurt Abrar’s feeling. Why not prevail upon your father to go to Kabul to see your mother, Zarmina suggests. She is working there with Kashmala and is happy to stay there #EqualRightsToWives. Sikandar still insists that Abdul Rahim has to be killed, while Jabir is pragmatic and is seeking to find a way to deal with the #PeaceCommittee and keep the mine under his own control. Abdur Raheem agrees for the gunmen to call his father, but one wonders if he will really communicate their demands to his father. After all, he is a dire enemy of the gunmen and of #IllegalDemining. Shura has to stop threatening me, Zarawar tells Farid on the telephone, while Farid tells him that the village is not going to put up with #ForcedMarriage. Meanwhile; Zarmina reminds Parkha to #TakeYourPrecautions, like Nadia when she got herself on the wrong side of the gunmen #ForcedMarriageNoMarriage.



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