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Episode# 1294th

[:en]Shireena’s suspicion is still centering on Sabro, that in fact it is she – not Inam Gul’s foster mother – who want to be paid for his wet-nursing. Badrai advices her to #AvoidBaselessSuspicion. Malik Ghani has more reason to suspect Ajab Gul of being the one who is excavating in the mountain, along with his armed men. Since Matlab Shah is himself also complicit with Ajab Gul, he tries to stifle the suspicion #GreedTheSourceOfAllConflict #AxisofEvil. If you want Salgay to gain more salary, best you help her in the housework, Jafar tells his mother. Salgay has no choice but to toil away at night @MangeezSewingCentre #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations.



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