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Episode# 1290th

Bakhmala passes on the message to her family that Sabro would like to bring Inam Gul up in their relative’s home. It seems like a good idea, maybe Inam’s health will improve in the robust air. The family agrees, except Shireena, She has a point. This all stems from Sabro’s irrational distrust of Shireen. Let’s see if Inam’s health improves with the Kochi wet-nurse to whom Inam has been entrusted. Hasan khan indirectly advised Jaafar to give his salary to his mother. Salgay has the same advice to Jaafar as her father, but still Bas Pari is suspicious of Salgay. Oh dear, as a daughter-in-law, you cannot win #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations. Matlab Shah informs Malik Ghani that he shielded the gunmen from checkpoint’s investigation. Malik promises to reward him and also rewards and guides the guards of the checkpoint to deal leniently with Malik Ghani’s guests #AxisofEvil #CombatAgainstGunmen.



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