Sunday , September 26 2021
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Episode# 1289th

Jafar brings some almonds to eat with Salgay on their own. Of course, Bas Pari blames Salgay, but Jaafar did this off his own bat. Bas Pari would like Jaafar’s salary to be given directly to her, but Hasan Khan will instead advise Jaafar to spend money wisely, on household expenses #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations. Sabro no longer wants Inam Gul to be wet-nursed by Shireena, she would prefer Inam Gul to be wet-nursed by a Kochi family #AvoidBaslessSuspicion. What have you got to hide, Matlab Shah? Why are you not allowing #PeaceCommittee guards to search Jabir’s car #AxisofEvil #CombatAgainstGunmen.



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