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Episode# 1287th

Ajab Gul wishes to be paid by Malik Ghani, till he is the head of #PeaceCommittee. Meanwhile, Jabir Khan is happy that with Malik Ghani heading the #PeaceCommittee, they will be able to extract precious stones from the mountains without any fear #AxisofEvil #CombatAgainstGunmen. Hey Mum, if Salgay has more time to do #MangeezSewingCentre work, she will bring more income into the house, Jafar tells Bas Pari. He knows her soft spot, doesn’t he? #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations. Shireena feels bored at the hospital, she intends to leave there without being noticed by the doctors, but Taza Gul convinces her to stay till the doctors allow them to leave. Inam Gul is a special child, needing special care. I will provide that care, Bakhmala assures Inam’s father Taza Gul #FollowDoctorsInstructions.


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