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Episode# 1280th

Shura calls on villagers to decide, whether the #PeaceCommittee is needed or not. We will not allow the #Shura to build a committee, which will be led by anyone except for the natives of Kandao villager, the #Shura opposition, in the form of Matlab Shah and Ajab Gul stress #CombatAgainstGunmen. Badray calls Shireena. She wants Shireena to take good care of Inam Gul, along with her own child Khaista Gul #WetNursedChildLikeOwnChild. But will Shireena listen to this good advice? Her predilection is for her own child. Eventually, Jafar returns to work, after he being repeatedly urged to do so by his mother #Honeymoon. Meanwhile; Bas Pari is slave-driving Salgay and forcing her to carry out all the housework #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations.



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