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Episode# 1279th

Salgay wants Jafar to leave home and resume his working in the water-mill, while Jafar likes to take rest at home, meanwhile; Sangeena is taunting Hasan Khan. She thinks that Jafar will never return to work with Hasan Khan after getting married. Will Malik Ghani thwart the formation of the #PeaceCommittee in Kandao village? Well, for the time being he seems to have Ajab Gul’s support, while the gunmen are fearful that if there is no threat to Malik Ghani, then what need will he have of them? #AxisofEvil #CombatAgainstGunmen. Sabro insists that Inam Gul should not be breastfed by Shireena. She thinks that Shireena had a hand in the death of Inam Gul’s mother, Zirka #AvoidBaselessSuspicion.





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