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Episode# 1277th

The Kandao village #Shura intends to form a #PeaceCommittee, jointly with Malik Bahadar’s village, Taza Gul and Mulla Karim Khan will lead the committee, while Matlab Shah expresses opposition, as was expected #CombatAgainstGunmen. Jafar neither himself goes out of his room, nor does he allow Salgay to lend a hand with Bas Pari in the housework. Of course, Bas Pari puts the blame on Salgay #MotherInLawDaughterInLawRelations. Atifa is happy about her new born brother, but still misses her mother, Meanwhile; Atifa’s brother is a boon of Allah, Mewa Gul says, so his name has to be Inam Gul – the blessing of Allah – Bakhmala replies #SuitableNamestoChildren.



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