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Episode# 1274th

[:en]Hasan Khan assures Abdul Rahim that villagers will act as guards on the wedding night to abort possible threats from gunmen. Meanwhile, girls are showing off the bride, her jewellery and clothes to female guests #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #TakeYourPrecautions. Ajab Gul raises more doubts about Mewa Gul, now that he starts rebuilding his home, while Shabana tries to convince Ajab Gul to #AvoidBaselessSuspicion, Badray intends to share her condolences with Shireena for the death of her young daughter-in-law, whether Noorullah likes it or not. Villagers pardon Malik Ghani for his past deeds, but warn him to avoid stopping #PolioVaccination #AccesstoHealthCare Polio-Free Afghanistan #PolioFreeAfghanistanPolioFreeWorld




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