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Episode# 1269th

Shabana is concerned for Ajab Gul. He did not turn to home since last evening. Abid finds him in the field, where he was beaten and tied by gunmen during night, Ajab Gul thinks he knows his enemies. But does he #NoJumpingToConclusions #CombatAgainstGunemn. Bas Pari gave 20 pairs of clothes to Sangeena. Will Sangeena be happy now? It is left to Abdul Rahim and Hasan Khan to specify the wedding date, but such a matter cannot be finalized without recourse to the girl’s mother. That is a matter of course, and nothing to be concerned about #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Zarmina is being a good host: she is not even letting Gul Bibi and Spogmai go back to their home! In fact, Zarmina also has another agenda: to punish Malik Ghani by depriving him of his womenfolk. That will teach him not to thwart the efforts of the #VoluntaryVaccinators #VaccineSavesLives Polio-Free Afghanistan #PolioFreeAfghanistanPolioFreeW





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