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Episode# 1268th

Malik Ghani wants his family to come back to their own home, since it seems that the #Shura does not intend to burn down their home. But Zarmina is not going to let them go so easily. Farid says as much to Sardar Aka: the #Shura was just threatening Malik Ghani so that he should avoid threatening and obstructing #Vaccinators in future #VaccineSavesLives Polio-Free Afghanistan. Jafar does not want to delay his wedding any longer. Abdul Rahim carries out his father’s wishes: he meets Taza Gul to get his agreement about specifying Jafar’s wedding date, Please go ahead, Taza Gul encourages him. But a simple wedding – #AccordingToSunnah – is always best, and especially under these conditions #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Sikandar has teamed up again with Jabir Khan for the mission entrusted to them by Malik Ghani. They beat up Ajab Gul and tie his legs and arms #CombatAgainstGunmen



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