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Episode# 1267th

[:en]Zarmina agreed to shelter Spogmai’s family along with her household equipment,. Except for her maternal uncle Malik Ghani, of course, with whom she has been on bad terms for years. The #Shura may have let him off, but she is not going to let him off without being reprimanded for his negative treatment of the #PolioVaccinators #HelpNotHindranceToPolioVaccinators. Meanwhile; Matlab Shah tries to assure Malik Ghani that #Shura threatened you just to try and stop you from threatening and obstructing #PolioVaccinators. They do not really intend to burn down your house #VaccineSavesLives Polio-Free Afghanistan. This is below the belt from Ajab Gul: Zirka’s death is because of the betrayal you have done with the #Shura’s budget, Ajab Gul accuses Mewa Gul, Mewa Gul gets angry at him – and no wonder #AvoidingBaselessSuspicion. Nadia and Abdul Rahim will stay at Bas Pari’s house till they fix the wedding date, while Mullah Karim Khan has something more important on his mind. You are fixing the date of the marriage, but remember that Mewa Gul’s daughter-in-law recently passed away. Make sure you keep their family in confidence #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #HavingConsiderationForOthers #HappinessAndGriefAreAPartOfLife




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