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Episode# 1265th

Shireena killed my daughter, Sabro claims, but Mero counters that #NoAccuationBeforeInvestigation. Bakhmala also rejects the involvement of Shireena in Zirka’s death #AvoidingBaselessSuspicion. Hasan Khan and Bas Pari are close to specifying the wedding date, but Sangeena has put another spanner in the works, saying you must give me 20 pairs of clothes before the date can be specified, Sangeena tells to Bas Pari, Bas Pari’s son-in-law Abdur Rahim will help complete the marriage arrangements #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Ajab Gul is urging the burning of Malik Ghani’s house, for his thwarting of the polio #VaccinationCampaign. Hey, Ajab Gul, weren’t you supposed to be in Malik Ghani’s opposition party in the #Shura#VaccineSavesLives Polio-Free Afghanistan #PolioFreeAfghanistanPolioFreeWorld.





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