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Episode# 1258th

Jafar returned home, as he promised his mother, now it is his mother‘s turn to complete her promise and prepare Jafar’s wedding #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Malik Ghani and Matlab Shah intend to obstruct #VaccinationCampaign, their pretext being that #VolunteerVaccinators are moving from door to door and there are no female vaccinators. Matlab Shah took them to meet Malik Ghani in this regard #VaccineSavesLives #VaccineIsSafe Polio-Free Afghanistan. Mewa Gul is thinking what wood to use for the roof of the newly built parts of his house. There is some wood in the #MangeezSewingCentre, Zirka tells him. She shares the matter with Zarmina. Of course I will give the wood to the teacher of the #MangeezMadrassah, Zarmina says, but first of all I must consult with my elder sister Kashmala in this regard.




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