Saturday , October 23 2021
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Episode# 1250th

Afar went to the city to earn money for bearing wedding expenditures. There is nothing to worry about, Bas Pari assures Sangeena and Nadia assures Salgay. Jafar has not returned to his heroin habit, but Sangeena remains sceptical #EvenHeroinHabitCanBeBeaten. When Jafar talks to his mother on the phone, she tries to persuade him to come back home: I will find the money from somewhere to cover your wedding expenses. #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Now Shireena should be at peace: Saddo has returned to his grandparents, and Badrai has taken her children back to Kabul #RequitingBadWithGood #IdfaBillatiAhsan . Matlab Shah is not going to give up so easily: how dare Ajab Gul work with the #Shura on the #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater project. He is supposed to be on my opposition!




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