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Episode# 1249th

Shireena complains to Mewa Gul about Badrai’s children, along with Saddo, who has been staying in their home since a while. Mewa Gul agrees: he will persuade Mero to invite his grandson back to own home. As for Badrai’s children, they should only be around for a few days #RequitingBadWithGood#IdfaBillatiAhsan. Nadia advises her mother to spend whatever is necessary and complete arrangements for Jafar and Salgai’s marriage as soon as possible, meanwhile; Sangeena still pours scorn on Hasan Khan with regard to Jafar, Sangeena thinks, he has returned to his heroin habit, while Hasan Khan still has faith in his son-in-law to be #KUFU#MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Matlab Shah is indignant: Ajab Gul – his deputy in the #Shura opposition, is now working for the #Shura on constructing water tanks for #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater. He tries to undermine the #Shura’s faith in Ajab Gul, but the #Shura has no reason to lose faith in Ajab Gul, still less to dispense with his services #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater.





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