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Episode# 1247th

Ajab Gul will start working on #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater after his wife satisfied him to work with #Shura – the village constructor – instead of Malik Ghani – the village destructor #HalalEndeavors. Hasan Khan wanted Ajab Gul to run the water-mill for him, so that he can look for Jafar in the city, he is sure that Jafar will never return to his heroin habit, he will come back home after finding money to conduct his marriage, he says #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #SayNoToCripplingCustoms. Sabro wants to use her grandson Saddu as a guinea-pig, leaving him at home with Shireena to see how she behaves with him. And if she behaves badly? Meanwhile, Badrai is ready to go to Kandao village to felicitate with Shireena over the birth of her son. Everyone is #RequitingBadWithGood, except for Noorullah, who has made an enemy out of a friend by doing the opposite #IdfaBillatiAhsan #AntidoteForSnakeUpTheSleeve #ByReactingToSomeoneYouComeDownToTheirLevel.



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