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Episode# 1239th

Shireena is still suspicious of her co-wife Bakhmala as an enemy, while Bakhmala is only interested in continuing #RequitingBadWithGood #IdfaBillatiAhsan #AntidoteForSnakeUpTheSleeve. She is bringing Shireena’s baby up as her own baby. Ajab Gul is not satisfied with the remuneration he is receiving from Malik Ghani and Matlab Shah. Better keep him on your side, Malik Ghani. Who else do you have? #Shura #AccessToCleanDrinkingWater. Bas Pari eventually manages to extricate some money from her chest and gives it to Sangeena to feed her guests Hasan Khan would rather #SayNoTocripplingCustoms #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock, but let’s get this wedding over and done with.



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