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Episode# 1232nd

Shireena is near to giving birth, she insists to be under the look of Mewa Gul, while Mewa Gul knows that Bakhmala and Zirka can help her more than he can, that’s why wants Bakhmala to oversee her, What with Shireena’s age being advanced as it is, a hospital birth would be best #RequitingBadWithGood #IdfaBillatiAhsan #AntidoteForSnakeUpTheSleeve. I am aware of money that you have kept hidden, take it and fulfill the demands of Sangeena for facilitating Salgay and Jafar’s marriage, Nadia suggests to her mother, while; Jafar informs Hasan Khan about the demands and fulfilling traditional customs of Sangeena. I will convince her to overlook such demands, Hasan Khan assures Jafar #KUFU#MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #EvenHeroinAddictionCanBeBeaten. Matlab Shah failed in his bid to be the head of #Shura, now he intends to stop Farid from implementing plans for the development of the village. Create an opposition group in the Shura, Malik Ghani suggests to him #FreeAndTransparentElections #OppositionForTheSakeOfOpposition



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