Saturday , October 23 2021
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Episode# 1230th

Matlab Shah failed in his attempt to stop people from voting in the Shura elections, people took part with much enthusiasm after an #IssueBasedCampaign, Farid won the election. The voties were counted, and the result announced instantly #QuickAndTransparentAnnouncementOfElectionRestults Matlab Shad would be expected to cry foul #FreeAndTransparentElections. Where am I going to find money to buy all these household appliances and jewellery, Bas Pari complains. Come on, Bas Pari, we know you have lots of money stacked away in your chest, I thought so: Sangeena is still insisting on carry out all the crippling customs, while Hasan Khan wants to #SayNoToCripplingCustoms #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock.




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