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Episode# 1224th

Sabro is among those who are sceptical at the decision of Hasan Khan’s family to give their daughter Salgay in marriage to a former heroin addict – Jafar #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock#EvenHeroinAddictionCanBeBeaten. Shireena joined Bakhmala and Zirka at their house,but Shireena still feels fearful. Despite all that Shireena has done, Bakhmala and Zirka are happy that Shireena is back among them #RequitingBadWithGood #IdfaBillatiAhsan #AntidoteForSnakeUpTheSleeve. Gul Mina expresses Farid’s future plan with Torpekai and other women: he plans to provide fresh and hygienic water to all villagers, she says. Meanwhile; in order to contend with the campaigning of Farid among women, Malik Ghani has contended that women should not be allowed to take part in the coming elections, but Sardar Aka tells him, women have the same rights of voting as men have #FreeAndTransparentElections#MoneyVersusIssueBasedCampaign.







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