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Episode# 1220th

Jafar is now putting pressure on Hasan Khan, that if his marriage is not finalized, he will neither work in the water–mill nor relinquish his heroin habit. Hasan Khan is doing his best to finalize the marriage. It is Sangeena who is opposed #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock. Noorullah left Shireena alone in Mewa Gul’s home and went back to Kabul, meanwhile Shireena ordered Mewa Gul to bring her food and other needy things #SnakeUpTheSleeve. Matlab Shah and Farid are engaged in campaigning for the elections to the village #Shura. The water-reservoir project has to be postponed, Matlab Shah announces, while Farid tells him, the project was approved and funded by the previous #Shura, no one should delay it #FreeAndTransparentElections #IssueBasedElection





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