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Episode# 1219th

Jafar left home and threatened to revert to his previous heroin habit, if his marriage with Salgay could not be secured. Bas Pari informs Salgay’s father Hasan Khan, who reassures her that he will make sure the marriage goes through #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock. Farid is all confused, Matlab Shah tells to villagers, he is not sure about his future plans, while Farid logically elaborates his plans for both, irrigation and hygienic drinking water #FreeAndTransparentElections #IssueBasedCampaign. Noorullah and Badray finally convinced Shireena to go back to Mewa Gul’s home, where she will be able to take control over Mewa Gul’s estates and give birth in own home #SnakeUpTheSleeve




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