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Episode# 1218th

Badrai and Noorullah are discussing how to satisfy Shireena to return to Mewa Gul’s home, since she is about to give birth, while Shireena is refusing to go back. Jafar threatens his family, I will return to my previous heroin habit, if you do not secure Salgay’s marriage with me, Hasan Khan and Salgay are agreed, but Sangeena, Hasan Khan’s wife, has reservations #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock. Matlab Shah feels fearful because one of the best qualified men – arid – challenged him in the elections of #Shura headship, Farid may have ideas, you have the backing of money, Malik Ghani reassures him. Meanwhile; Farid and Matlab Shah are presenting their future plans to the villagers. As expected, Farid seems logical compared to Matlab Shah #FreeAndTransparentElections#IssueBasedCampaign..






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