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Episode# 1216th

Jafar has realized that his mother chose the very same girl for him as he has seen in his dreams, that’s why he now tells his mother to seek Salgay’s hand for him in marriage, Bas Pari will along with Nadia, go to Salgay’s family and seek to secure their agreement #KUFU #MutualSatisfactionForWedlock. Matlab Shah updates Malik Ghani that still no one has nominated themselves for the #Shura headship, Sardar Aka will oversees and makes sure of the transparency and freedom of the #Election, while Malik Ghani insists that the water reservoir and other projects, started by the previous #Shura, must be stopped as soon as possible #FreeAndTransparentElections. We pardon Ajab Gul, Zarmina said, but he must pay full attention for duties and not be neglectful in carrying out his work, otherwise he has no other chance to continue work in #MangeezSewingCentre.




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