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Episode# 1213th

Let villagers elect new members of the village #Shura, Mewa Gul says, but Sardar Aka intends to extend the authority of the current shura till the clean water supply project is completed. That is exactly what Malik Ghani wishes to prevent. Sikandar is no longer friend with Jabir Khan, They have fallen out over Nadia, whom Jabir had promised to Sikandar, but who is now married elsewhere. Meanwhile, Bas Pari wants Hasan Khan to give his daughter – Salgay – in marriage to Jafar #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock. Let the workers of #MangeezSewingCentre be paid, Torpekai tells Zarmina, not being aware of the reason due to which the payment has been delayed, That is the question regarding which Zarmina is questioning Ajab Gul. How come he was so neglectful that thieves managed to burgle him? #KeepYourWitsAboutYou #OnGuardAgainstThiefs.


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