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Episode# 1212th

After two days, Ajab Gul returns home with more bad news: thies have robbed him, while Zarmina does not believe this event as Ajab Gul has a lengthy trickery record with #MangeezSewingCentre#OnGuardAgainstThiefs. She intends to get to the bottom of the matter #InvestigationToGetToTheBottomOfCrimes. I will never return to the hell of heroin habit, Jafar assures his mother and Hasan Khan, he says; I met my sister and wanted her to help me in finding the girl, whom I want to marry. I have caught glimpse of her, but now she is lost! #MutualSatisfactionForWedlock. Matlab Shah shows the documents to Farid, which prove the expiration date of the #Shura, now it is time to elect new members of Shura through transparent election, Farid says. Mewa Gul welcomes #FreeAndTransparentElections






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