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Episode# 1210th

Matlab Shah is seeking to make sure whether Nadia is really married or not, in this regards wants Hasan Khan to disclose the mystery, while Hasan Khan ignores to say, meanwhile Hasan Khan wants Jafar to share his choice of life partnership with his family #KUFU#MutualSatisfactionWedlock. Continue your job until you are fired, Abid and Shabana want Ajab Gul to take Zarmina’s threat easy and prove his potential, meanwhile; Yousaf and Zarmina agree to give Ajab Gul another chance of working, but insists that he must amend his mistakes #MangeezSewingCentre. You advised me to remind the Shura about their decision to burn down my house due to blocking #AccessToHealthCare! Malik Ghani is livid at Matlab Shah for his bad advice, meanwhile, Matlab Shah tries to introduce himself to Mewa Gul as someone who believes in vaccination, which he thinks can help him save him and Malik from the Shura taking action against them Polio-Free Afghanistan





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