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Episode# 1209th

So how about those who neglected their duty and failed in their task of #VaccinationForMobilePopulations Polio-Free Afghanistan their house should be the first to be burnt. That is Malik Ghani’s demand. Okay, says Mewa Gul, but we’ll have to burn down your house first of all. Remember when you blocked #AccessToHealthCare. Your house was slated for being burned down, but the gunslingers protected you #AxisOfEvil. The lady on whom I set my heart has flown the nest! Sikandar is beside himself with grief. He blames Jabir for making false promises to him. Let’s make sure that Nadia is really married, Jabir tries to play for time. After his latest misdemeanour, Zarmina says she will have to remove Ajab Gul from the position of salesman in #MangeezSewingCentre. You still have some time to prove your worth! Abid and Shabana tell him



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