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Episode# 1207th

Shura – the village council – showed their lack of trust in the vaccinators who were sloppy in their #VaccinationForMobilePopulations and the villagers who were complicit in their sloppiness should also not be trusted with such important work in the future Polio-Free Afghanistan. A #MangeezSewingCentre customer also has an axe to grind against Ajab Gul, that he behaved badly with me, Zarmina is angry with Ajab Gul. Will she fire Ajab Gul or will she keep him on tenderbooks? Matlab Shah still continues his abortive attempts for returning Jafar to his addiction status, while Jafar not only rejects his request, but also threatens him that he will report Matlab Shah to the shura. It seems like a lost cause, to try and make Jafar into an addict again, but Jabir continues to reassure Sikander, since Jafar being addicted to heroin is their only hope, in securing the hand of Nadia. Little do they know that, like Jafar, Nadia is already out of their grasp #EvenHeroinHabitCanBeBeaten.


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