Saturday , October 23 2021
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[:en]Episode# 1206th

Matlab Shah will not miss a single chance to make conflict between Malik Ghani and the village #shura, Malik Ghani will challenge the shura – the village council – why did they allow the kochi children to be left out of the vaccination process, when Malik Ghani and Matlab Shah ensured that all were including in the vaccination campaign, when they were supervising the process. #VaccinationForMobilePopulations Polio-Free Afghanistan. Ajab Gul is in trouble again. He has got into a fight with one of the customers of the #MangeezSewingCentre. Jafar is slowly returning to his pre-addiction normality. His mother and Hasan Khan also expect him to give heroin habit up and to be married as soon as possible #EvenHeroinHabitCanBeBeaten.



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