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Episode# 1205th

Sikandar is still dreaming of marrying the already-married Nadia. The key to their plan being successful is to keep Jafar hooked to heroin.. But Jafar is now hooked to work, and is thinking of having a life partner of his own #EvenHeroinHabitCanBeBeaten. Mero believes that children were stricken by cholera due to lack of sanitation, as doctor told him, but Sabro reckons it is all because of polio vaccine. That is nothing more than a baseless rumour #PolioVaccineisSafe Polio-Free Afghanistan. I will never allow you to build water-reservoir, Malik Ghani rejects what shura intends, but the shura could not give two pence for Malik Ghani’s threats. We will pursue whatever can benefit our villagers, the shura says #AccesstoHygienicDrinkingWater.




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