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Episode# 1204th

We plan to build a water-reservoir in the mountain threshold, Eng Farid tells Matlab Shah, according to his usual character, Matlab Shah informs Malik Ghani about the plan, making out that the reservoir will supply the displaced people only, whereas in fact it is for the whole village. Malik Ghani is indignant #AccesstoHygienicDrinkingWater #DoNotLetWaterGoToWaste. Abdul Rahim seems to have behaved badly with Nadia, going off to see his friends in university,, whereas actually he was just kidding and he brought her a sewing machine to enable her to continue her work in the #MangeezSewingCentre from home #TheBestAmongYouIsTheOneWhoIsBestWithHisWife. Sabro continues spreading the rumors that the children of displaced families are cholera affected, due to taking polio vaccine, but why your own grandson is diarrhea affected, even though he was not vaccinated? Sabro is shocked #DontBelieveFalseRumors Polio-Free Afghanistan




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