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Episode# 1203rd

Farid prepared and sent the proposal of the water reservoir to donor administration, reservoir prevents the lowering of the water level, Farid tells to Gul Mina, he also reassures Mewa Gul that he is hopeful the donor will help them as they expected #AccesstoHygienicDrinkingWater#DoNotLetWaterGoToWaste. Salgai and Parkha ask Zarmina, if she knows about the absence of Nadia, Nadia may be keeping a low profile to secure herself against the threats of gunmen, Zarmina tells them#TakeYourPrecautions. Matlab Shah wants me not to give heroin habit up, Jafar tells to Hasan Khan, if you wish to be married, first of all give this ugly habit up, Hasan Khan replies #EvenHeroinHabitCanbeBeaten. What is to be accepted as truth? Mero complains to #Shura to ensure Kochi children vaccination, while Gul Wali claims that the children of displaced families are diarrhea affected, due to them taking polio vaccine #PolioVaccineisSafe#DontBelieveFalseRumours Polio-Free Afghanistan




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