Episode# 1195th

Jafar won the hearts of all, as he disclosed the location of Jabir Khan and his gunmen #AxisofEvil. Hasan Khan offered him a job in the water-mill, while his mother and sister still expect him to give up the heroin habit #EvenHeroinAddictionCanBeBeaten. The flood-affected displaced and Kochi families received humanitarian relief, while the gunmen who had been lying low with displaced people missed out, not due to them being undesirables, but due to them being disclosed and leaving the displaced persons’ camp #IncludingAllInHumanitarianRelief#ImpartialityInDistributionofHumanitarianRelief ACBAR. Both the doctor and Bakhmala say that Shabana’s illness is due to her not making #SpaceBetweenBirths but Ajab Gul has other ideas UNFPA AfghanistanAfghan Family Guidance Association. Mullah Karim Khan tries to arrange Nadia and Abdul Raheem’s marriage as soon as possible in a simple way, which is both Sunnah, and as a precaution, to protect Nadia’s life from the gunmen who have been out to get her #TakeYourPrecautions#KUFU #MutualSatisfactionforWedlock #CompatibilityForLifePartnership.

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