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Episode# 1192nd

After Jafar was not given heroin to feed his habit, he discloses the place, where Jabir khan and his gunmen are hiding, Hasan Khan is to inform other villagers, while Nadia and Bas Pari must take care for their protection #TakeYourPrecautions. Mullah Karim Khan is afraid that Bas Pari might still refuse the marriage of Nadia and Abdul Raheem, but Razia and Abdul Raheem are holding out hope #kufu #MutualSatisfactionForWedlock#CompatibilityForLifePartnership. Ajab Gul tried to buy some unprescribed drugs for Shabana, but the doctor refused to give him the drugs, since his wife has to conduct a medical checkup first and also be guided for sound way of #SpaceBetweenBirths. That’s the right way, but Ajab Gul does not like the right way UNFPA Afghanistan Afghan Family Guidance Association



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